Biopure FemHygienia Ozonated Female BioSupport

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FemHygienia is a proprietary blend of  BioPure O3 Oil (Ozonated Pure Organic Olive and Castor Oils) and 100% food grade cocoa butter; 30 vaginal suppositories per jar.

Each product in the line of BioPure suppositories is made with the purest, highest quality, food-grade Cocoa Butter.

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Product Description

Health Functions

  • Female Support*


  • A proprietary blend of BioPure’s exclusive BioPure O3 Oils (Ozonated Olive and Castor Oil) and 100% food grade cocoa butter*.

Suggested Use

  • This product is intended to be used under direct physician supervision.
  • Our suppositories come with complete step-by-step directions for insertion.