BioPure High Allicin Garlic

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Health Functions

  • Immune Support*
  • Antioxidant Processes Support*
  • Skin Health Support*
  • Gastrointestinal Support*
  • Urinary Tract Health*
  • Oral Health*
  • Cardiovascular Health Support*
  • Biofilm Support*

Suggested Use

  • Intended for internal use and can be added to water, juice, tea or other liquids for ingestion.

Our products are intended to be used only under a physician’s care and advice.

Servings per Container

  • 120 (approx 1 squeeze of the dropper or about 45 drops)


  • Cistus incanus (aerial parts), 45% organic ethanol, purified water.

    We obtain raw ingredients and materials from ethical and reliable suppliers worldwide. We use organic, gluten-free alcohol made from corn that has not been genetically engineered, and we use state-of-the-art USP purified water systems for all dilutions involving water.

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Product Description

Cistus incanus (or “Pink Rockrose”) Extract in a 45% organic corn alcohol solution; offered in a 4 fl oz liquid tincture.

Cistus incanus is a source of polyphenols, proanthocyanadins, bioflavonoids, catechins, gallic acid, rutin and other beneficial bioactive compounds. Promising early research indicates that the herb may support the body’s own natural effects on the gastric mucosal lining to disrupt gastrointestinal biofilm regarding potentially harmful substances without significant adverse effects on healthful biofilm.*

Cistus has demonstrated strong antioxidant and other properties supporting the traditional use of Cistus for a wide range of systems for health, immunity and skin health, without notable or gastric irritation.* It may also support oral and throat hygiene and cardiovascular health.*